Running a law firm is challenging...

There is the need to be client focused while adhering to strict Solicitors Accounts Rules, to flourish as a partnership while managing the back office and to keep up with the rapid changes in technology, maintaining compliance along the way. Kestrel Business Solutions has the unique advantage of having seen these challenges overcome.

Kestrel Business Solutions is a bespoke legal consulting firm working in the implementaton of legal practice management system. Our specialities are in the major software offerings of Aderent, Elite3E and IntApp systems together with other more bespoke applications.

As an exclusive law firm consultancy and IT development house, Kestrel has been engaged at many of the top global law firms and UK national firms since 1996 and our consultants and developers have brought about valuable business change in respect of practice management and enterprise management to firms of many shapes and sizes.

We aim to provide cost effective solutions, working alongside suppliers to ensure successful implementations within time, specifications and budget.