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Often testing is perceived as a complex and overwhelming task. Kestrel prides itself on meticulous testing ensuring that all high risk areas are tested to a acceptable ‘comfort level’ whilst also ensuring that overall the system functions as it is expected.

To manage this activity, Kestrel makes use of structured testing using well defined assumptions, relevant testing data, well documented test scripts & results and then ensuring that all the issues are followed up and successfully re-tested.

Why Kestrel is the obvious choice for your implementation or upgrade

Kestrel’s in-depth system knowledge supported by a pool of consultants with legal experience means that we are able successfully manage any testing phase.
The types of testing that Kestrel conducts is listed below:

Technical testing i.e. testing of bespoke customisations, reports, hardware, interfaces, stress and volume testing.

Integration testing i.e. proving that the processes flow end-to-end as it would in a live environment including conversion usability testing

User Acceptance Testing - this provides the client with the final opportunity to ascertain whether they will be able to conduct their business as required. This is additional to functional testing, which involves testing to specification

Post go live support.