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Kestrel Business Solutions - How we manage tasks and resources to keep your business on track
Kestrel Business Solutions - How we manage tasks and resources to keep your business on track
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Strategic Reviews

The need for a firm and then individual functions within the firm to set a strategic direction is paramount. Without a strategy – an IT strategy say – a department will struggle to understand and manage its priorities and constraints and it will also find it more difficult to gain business support for its changes.

A strategic plan sets the required expectations and establishes the credibility of the department. Importantly this is not just the external expectation and credibility of the stakeholders but also those of the internal team who should be looking towards a strategy to focus their efforts.

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In such a fast-moving environment however a strategy cannot be viewed as a restricting factor and needs to be flexible enough to accommodate iterations. A departmental strategy is more than a set of priorities and a project list however. It could also include:
•An assessment of the current strategy or the current performance of the department.
•Understanding the priorities of the firm as a whole and setting out how to align your functional strategy to that of the business
•Programme and initiative roadmaps to meet these priorities
•A strategy to improve departmental collaboration, culture and morale
•An organisational design strategy specifically designed to improve service delivery and/or operational efficiencies
•A strategy for future sourcing options
Kestrel consultants have filled a range of roles in legal firms within IT and Finance functions and are well placed to work with you to design and deliver a flexible strategy.